DermaSensor ESS Technology Performance Results Across Different Studies:

Sensitivity for detecting all skin cancer is 91% (data on file) to 94% (published study). 

Sensitivity for detecting melanoma is 95% (data on file, does NOT include highly atypicals) to 100% (published study).

Sensitivity for detecting non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) is 90% (data on file) to 94% (published study). 

Overall specificity for benign lesions ranges from 35% (data on file) to 36% (published) Specificity for lesions which dermatologists decided merit biopsy ranges from 26% (data on file) to 31% (published).

Specificity for lesions that dermatologists clinically diagnosed as benign, but that they deemed suspicious to a lesser dermatologically trained healthcare practitioner, ranges from 42% (published) to 50% (data on file)