1. DermaSensor Features
  2. The New Standard of Skin Care
  3. Provides an objective result in ~30 seconds per skin lesion 
  4. Displays a “Higher Risk” or “Lower Risk” result using DermaSensor’s proprietary algorithm
  5. Completely wireless, ergonomically designed and easy to hold
  6. Always-On / Always Ready, for whenever you need it.
  7. Simple Design, Simple to Use
  8. The intuitive on-screen interface guides you step-by-step through the evaluation 
  9. Works at any angle by using the gentle-squeeze side buttons or hand-held touch-screen
  10. DermaSensor is NOT a camera or a dermatoscope. DermaSensor uses pulses of light and spectroscopy to assess a lesion's cellular and sub-cellular structure.  
  11. Small Tip For Sub-millimeter Precision 
  12. Light-emitting tip gently and painlessly touches the surface of the skin while evaluating data below the skin surface
  13. Non-invasively captures spectral information from the surface to ~500-microns deep to gather cellular and subcellular information