If you have placed your order directly with DermaSensor, then upon receipt of a Purchase Order from your facility our system will generate an email to allow you to complete your purchase and set up your account. 

This self-service portal allows you to directly enter your payment details and shipping information, some of which may already be pre-filled from the details you provided with your Purchase Order. 

For payment, we require either a credit card number or Direct Debit details to be submitted (BSB/Account Number/Account Name) to allow pre-payment of your device before it is shipped, as well as automatic billing of your (selected) monthly, annual or full-term services (Total Care Package). 

Should you require any assistance throughout the process of setting up your account and billing details, please contact your local Sales Representative.

Please note: If you are buying from a Distributor, their up-front purchase terms may differ from DermaSensor's. Regardless, you will be required to set up an account with DermaSensor™ and enter your payment details to allow recurrent billing of your service contract (Total Care Package).