The DermaSensor device uses 2.4ghz WiFi connectivity to connect to any standard wireless network access point. The DermaSensor device does not store, use, or transmit any personally identifiable information (PII). 

The DermaSensor™ device uses the wireless network to:
  • Transmit the recorded data for device integrity monitoring and backup
  • Activate the device for use and associate the device to your billing account (your personal and billing information is not transmitted to or from the device, only an activation signal)
  • Receive software updates 
For increased security, each DermaSensor™ device is individually encrypted to protect all communications and cannot receive messages, data, or code from any unauthorized or un-requested source. Once activated, and during the activated period, the DermaSensor device can function without being connected to any network. The device will need to be re-connected to a wireless network at specific billing intervals to re-authorize the device with your billing account.