1.1        DermaSensor will only accept the following Devices for return and, upon the return of such Device, DermaSensor will provide the Customer with either credit or replacement Devices, as determined by DermaSensor (and subject to the terms below):

(a)            Devices that are unused where the packaging has been unopened, and which are returned to DermaSensor within 14 days of the Delivery Date. In this case, DermaSensor  will refund the Device Purchase price and first year’s Annual Fee to the Customer.

(b)            Devices that are used and which are returned to DermaSensor  within 30 days of an Early Termination Notice. In this case, DermaSensor  may, at its discretion and following inspection of the Device, will refund the Device Purchase price less $500 and first year’s Annual Fee to the Customer. For the avoidance of doubt, no refund will be issued for Devices whose condition is beyond ordinary wear and tear (as reasonably determined by DermaSensor ).

(c)           Devices sent and invoiced in error by DermaSensor. If these devices have not been used or activated, they will be collected by DermaSensor  free of charge to the Customer and credit will be issued to the Customer (if payment has been made). Errors must be notified within 48 hours of delivery of the Devices.

(d)           Devices which are materially damaged in transit. If DermaSensor is satisfied that the Devices were materially damaged in transit between the point of dispatch and the Delivery Address, then these devices will be collected by DermaSensor and replaced, free of charge to the Customer. Such damage must be notified to DermaSensor within 48 hours of delivery of the Devices.

1.2        Other than as set out in clause 11.1, DermaSensor will not grant refunds or replace devices which have:
(a)        been marked or defaced in any way by the Customer (including having a label removed or other label attached); or
(b)        not been properly stored, transported, used, damaged outside of normal wear and tear, or otherwise handled by the Customer.
1.3         Customers requesting repair or replacement to damaged devices subject to the conditions defined in 

11.2 may be required to pay for labour and materials related to the repair or replacement of a Device at DermaSensor's discretion. Customers may be requested to provide transportation DermaSensor  at the customer’s expense for the evaluation of the condition of a device prior to commencing any repair or replacement. Unless devices are found to be covered by any warranty which includes transportation, return transportation of devices to the Customer will be paid for by the Customer.