Turn on the handheld unit by pressing the power button on the top of the handheld unit and immediately released, as shown in Figure 3.

The handheld unit is battery powered and should only be removed from the base while actively using the handheld unit on a lesion. 

The handheld unit will display a battery level indicator and will turn red at less than 20% battery power. 

The handheld unit should charge for at least 15 minutes between use on each patient. If the handheld unit has less than 10% of power, it will automatically shut down. 

If the power indicates less than 20% the device will not allow a new lesion to be recorded to prevent the device from automatically powering off during use when critically low on power. 

The handheld unit should remain powered on in the base when not in use. If the handheld unit is left powered on outside of the base for too long, it will automatically power off.